Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I see that the latest thing Michelle Malkin is hyperventilating about is this poster from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees:

Looks innocuous, you say? Ah, no -- that red thing is a Lego, and Legos are made in Denmark; Malkin thinks we should all buy Danish products to prove we don't stand with the cartoon rioters (OK, fine so far). Beyond that, however, she says that the use of a Lego in this ad makes this a "vile poster portraying Denmark's most famous company as racist."

Michelle, you're nuts.

Just so you know, Michelle -- Legos have been part of UNHCR anti-racism ads since at least 1994.


UPDATE: If you want to see the 1990s posters full size, go here and click on the thumbnails.


UPDATE: Well, OK -- it appears that Lego got hypersensitive, too, and MM is gloating about the UN's decision to pull the ad from its Web site. Er, doesn't that mean it's bowing to censorship? Shouldn't we all put the UN poster on our sites, as a show of solidarity?

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