Sunday, March 12, 2006

No, I still haven't read Robert Ferrigno's Prayers for the Assassin, but this (from an interview with Ferrigno in The Oregonian) is just idiotic:

How hard was it to find the voice for your Muslim characters?

Not hard in the slightest. They're Americans. I find it rather amusing that most people have to reassure themselves that the premise of the book -- a mass conversion of millions of Americans to Islam because in a time of vast social upheaval, the certainty of Islam is more attractive than tepid pieties from church and state -- is impossible. We have had mass conversions before, during the 1920s and Great Depression, when values were challenged and poverty was epidemic. Aimee Semple McPherson led tent revivals that were broadcast over radio and converted millions of desperate Americans to her form of Christianity.

But the vast majority of those people were already Christians, schmuck. They were Christians in a Christian country called by a charismatic and showbizzy Christian evangelist to, well, Christianity.

There's more:

Islam is currently the fastest-growing religion in Germany and Great Britain among young adults, with most of the converts college-educated women.

Yeah, I'm finding stories about that. You know how many converts we're talking about in Great Britain? 14,000. In a country of 60 million. That is, .02% of the population. And as for Germany, 1,152 Germans converted to Islam between May 2004 and May 2005 -- in a country with a population of more than 80 million. You do the math.

TBogg and Tom Tomorrow have actually read the book and insist that it's not "warblogger porn," but every word I've read from Ferrigno suggests that he's just another bedwetter who's sure the Islamofascists will eventually find him hiding under the bed.

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