Saturday, March 04, 2006

Greg Gutfeld, who's been an editor at Stuff, Maxim U.K., and Men's Health, wins a round of applause from National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez for his Oscar predictions:

... George Clooney will plant an on-stage kiss on Matt Damon after Matt cites Clooney's "bravery" in "tackling the new McCarthyism" in "Good Night and Good Luck." The entire exchange is about as spontaneous as a shuttle launch.

Meanwhile, Theo Van Gogh remains dead.

Tim Robbins attempts a witty comment at the expense of the religious right. He remains mum on Muslims and cartoons.

Meanwhile, Theo Van Gogh remains dead....

Right-wingers love Theo van Gogh. Right-wingers especially love to use Theo van Gogh's death as a stick to beat the left, particularly the Hollywood left.

So how come right-wingers don't make a big effort to spread van Gogh's most controversial work? They describe the "liberal media" as cowardly for not printing the Muhammad cartoons. Then why haven't they put Theo van Gogh's notorious film Submission on U.S. TV?

In this year of cartoon riots and multiple Oscar nominations for films that offend right-wingers, why isn't Fox, or Fox News, or the Sinclair group of stations, showing Submission as counterprogramming to the Oscars tomorrow night?

I think red-state America would find it rather eye-opening:

As she begins to pray, the woman looks heavily veiled, showing her eyes only, but her long black chador turns out to be transparent. Beneath it, painted on her chest and stomach, there are verses from the Koran.

More women appear. A bride is dressed in white lace, but her back is naked. The Koranic verse that says a man may take his woman in any manner, time or place ordained by God is written on her skin.

The images roll on, now showing a woman lying on the ground, her back and legs marked by red traces of a whip. The Koranic verses on her wounded flesh say that those guilty of adultery or sex outside marriage shall be punished with 100 lashes. There are chilling sounds of a cracking whip; there is the haunting beauty of the Arabic calligraphy and soft music.

These are scenes from "Submission" ...

Does the movie have too much nudity for Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sixpack? Is it too arty? Or do right-wingers also pull their punches out of fear offending Muslims? Submission strongly suggests that there's a link between Islam and wife-beating; the writing of Koran verses across bare female flesh is regarded as sacrilegious even by non-Islamist Muslims; and, while there isn't full-frontal nudity, bare breasts are seen through see-through chadors. (You can see an excerpt from Submission at IFILM.)

But none of that should matter! Come on, Fox -- stand up for free speech! Show us that you embrace what we P.C. Nazis shun! Broadcast Submission in prime time!


It's also possible that the right doesn't really want us to learn too much about Theo van Gogh himself -- about, say, incidents such as this:

When Jewish historian Ms Evelien Gans criticized Van Gogh, he wrote in Folia Civitatis magazine: "I suspect that Ms Gans gets wet dreams about being fucked by Dr Mengele [Nazi doctor at Auschwitz]." He hoped (Volkskrant, February 1995) Ms Gans would sue him: "Because then Ms Gans will have to explain in court that she claims that she does not get wet dreams about Dr Mengele." ...

Whoops! There goes the biopic!

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