Thursday, March 16, 2006

The lyrics to the 1978 song "Bullet" by the punk band by the Misfits aren't very nice. They're about the assassination of JFK and the (imagined) degradation of Jackie Kennedy in the aftermath. But that's no excuse for this:

A Mars Hill College freshman says he's no fan of President Bush.

But Tim Willis claims he didn't mean to harm anybody when he changed song lyrics so they described the violent death of the president.

The Secret Service wasn't impressed, and seized the computer Willis used.

Willis says he made the posting to in late February in response to a posting by a friend, whose computer also was seized.

The lyrics were from "Bullet," a 1978 song by the punk band The Misfits. Willis replaced references to President Kennedy with Bush's name.

A Secret Service agent who seized Willis's computer on March 7th declined to discuss the case.

What the hell is the Secret Service looking for on these kids' computers for nine days and counting? What do they expect to find? Bin Laden's ATM password? They're kids, for crissakes. They did a punk-rock thing to a punk-rock song and posted it as a joke to a very public site that has a gazillion users a day. How long does it take to figure out that they're not terrorists?

(Story via DU.)

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