Friday, December 09, 2005


From, a product of Brent Bozell's Media Research Center:

...Was Matt Lauer wearing a Palestinian support scarf this morning?

Alright, I can already hear some folks out there chuckling at the notion.

But before you dismiss this as the product of the over-active mind of an MSM-bias hunter, consider:

These so-called "Palestinian support scarves" have become items of radical fashion chic. Check out this web-site which advertises "Palestinian support scarves," explaining:

"The traditional Palestinian headdress has become a symbol of support for the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation. From political rallies to
talk shows, supporters of the Palestinian cause have begun donning this traditional scarf as a show of solidarity." [emphasis added]

Lauer was out on a snowy Rockefeller Plaza this morning, reporting on the winter storm sweeping the East Coast. He was bundled up in an overcoat and hat, and very visible around his neck was a boldly-checked, black-and-white scarf with a design similar to the little number Arafat liked to sport, as here.

So, was this a subtle statement by Matt, or just pure coincidence? Another media 'wardrobe malfunction,' perhaps?

You be the judge on Keffiyeh-gate!

Here's Lauer's secret terrorist America-hating scarf:

Here's Arafat's keffiyeh:

Do these two items look at all alike to you?

Never mind the fact that Lauer is wearing his around the neck and Arafat is wearing his on his head?

It's a blurry picture, but Lauer's scarf looks like the classic herringbone -- not a pattern usually worn in solidarity with oppressed peoples.

At, we're informed that Matt Lauer mostly wears Zegna -- a clothier based in Italy (a Coalition partner!). And Yahoo! TV Entertainment News & Gossip tells us that Lauer

reportedly visited the swanky men's clothing store Richards in Greenwich, Conn., on July 20 to buy new clothes.

The Richards Web site (which is also the site of Mitchells in Westport, Connecticut) says:

We strive to bring you the finest merchandise from the world’s top designers. From the top mills in Italy to the runways of Paris, we search the world to offer you the finest mens and womens clothing and accessories. At Mitchells and Richards, you will find international style, with local character.

Ah -- Paris! "International style"! "Local character"!

Must be a terrorist front.

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