Monday, December 12, 2005

"Finally, a WASP riot ..."

That's what Lucianne Goldberg says about the rioting in Sydney, Australia -- Goldberg or whoever ghostwrites the little blurbs at in her name. The full blurb is

Finally, a WASP riot as beer soaked beefy Aussies bash Muslims at beach

There's lawlessness in Sydney -- and she's digging it.

Here's some of what she's cheering on:

...Drunken mobs within the crowd yelled racist chants and chased down and bashed people of Middle Eastern appearance at the beach in an extended show of violence.

Police and an ambulance crew were also assaulted as racial tensions peaked.

A total of 25 people, including two ambulance officers, were injured and about 40 cars were vandalised at Maroubra as the unrest spread to other beachside communities...., 12/12

... Far-Right groups accused of links to neo-Nazis have admitted mobilising more than 100 people to join the mob of drunken people on the rampage at Cronulla.

Three ultra right-wing organisations -- Australia First, the Patriotic Youth League and the Newcastle-based skinhead group Blood and Honour -- handed out pamphlets at the rally....

--The Australian, 12/13

...A group of neo-nazis are circulating a race-hate video of the riots, declaring all non-white people should be evicted from Sydney's beaches. Dubbed The Battle for Cronulla, the video was posted on the white nationalist website Stormfront and had yesterday been downloaded about 400 times....

--The Advertiser, 12/13/05

Er, you'd think Ms. Goldberg might think twice before making common cause with the likes of Stormfront ("White Pride Worldwide"), good pals of the virulent anti-Semite David Duke. Ah, but there are no limits when you want to bash Muslims and piss off liberals.

The rioters were responding to a series of violent attacks -- criminal acts that warrant a response from the cops, not crowds of drunken louts. And, yes, some young Arab men are fighting fire with fire. I'm not going to defend criminal violence or rioters on either side. Lucianne, however, only dislikes riots when the "wrong" side is rioting.



UPDATE: If you want to know more about what's going on in Australia, check out the links at 12thharmonic Blog. (Thanks to Norwegianity for the tip.)


UPDATE, TUESDAY: The Lucianne link worked yesterday only, so here's the Yahoo cache version of the page (which will probably work only today).



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