Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Is this the new right-wing blog trend -- denigrating family members while making it clear how much more moral you are? Here are two examples. The second one in particular is a pip:

(... Just for the record, I think a majority of these "medical [marijuana] users" are merely circumventing the law, and are merely trying to get high. And if they can do so with the blessing of California authorities (and perhaps even have state agencies pay for it), so much the better.

I've never used drugs...I never even considered it. To me, it's a no-brainer. I've seen what they do to people. My two oldest brothers were pot heads, and although I love them as much as possible, their lives have basically been worthless and a waste. Never held steady jobs, failed marriages, child support, etc. They'll never get ahead in life, and they are rapidly reaching their 50s.

But, they brought it on themselves, despite the numerous attempts by my parents, my other brother, and me (not to mention, the police), to help them. They are drug-free now (at least one is, I am sure...not so sure about the oldest, though).)

--Brian at Iowa Voice

Way back when I was a liberal, I thought way too much emphasis was being placed on sex, sexuality and the almighty O.

...The whole world has paid a price for it, this rampant, thoughtless, ravenous pursuit of the Almighty Orgasm - deemed more delightful, more worthy, more necessary than God or Family or even Self.

I have lost a beloved brother because of it. He thought he was having a good time, some harmless fun. He instead was killing himself, devaluing and ultimately destroying himself and his essence as a created Creature who had been loved into being. And yes, I'm angry about it. I miss him every day. He bought into the program, and pursued the empty, meaningless and fleeting pleasures that are dangled before the eyes of young gay men as something fine and ecstatic to chase and gain. And it killed him.

It killed his body...thankfully, his spirit did manage to find grace and peace before the end. But before that, while he was in mid-party and mid-pursuit, there was no grace, there was no peace, there was only the World, and the Things, and the Party...all of which brought laughter, it is true (as well as many tears) but none of which brought joy, or true love, or peace.

...Now, my brother's house is empty and his things - all those THINGS he loved and
had to have, all the THINGS he acquired to try to fill the void in his life, the one he wouldn't let God fill, because to do so would have ended the party...they have been disbursed - much of it to strangers.

... He could never get settled. I asked him once, if the concept of chastity, of living his life in chastity as all non-married people are called to do, meant anything to him. It was a long and serious conversation, but he got distracted. He got distracted by the next phone call and the next party, before he could remember to ask for grace.

... I miss him, and it hurts. The grief is slightly - so very slightly - healed over but it doesn't take much to rip the scab and begin to bleed afresh. I would rather spend the rest of my life tending to his bedside than going to his grave.

But to his grave, I must go.

--The Anchoress

...she announced, in case anyone should doubt her moral righteousness.

No, really, it's sweet: Her brother was gay and her recommendation was a life of complete abstinence. Anything less was unacceptable to her as a sister. And now she honors his memory by telling the world what a shallow horndog he was. While also telling us how many tears she sheds in his memory.

She decries her brother's fondness for "THINGS." I search her site in vain for any evidence that she is bothered when "THINGS" are pursued by folks such as this guy:

According to the S.E.C., from 1997 to 2001, [Donald J.] Tyson [then the chairman of Tyson Foods] received a total of $3 million in perquisites - a bill shareholders didn't know they were paying. The perks included $38,000 in Oriental rugs and antiques, a $15,000 London vacation, an $8,000 horse and "substantial purchases of clothing, jewelry, artwork, vacations and theater tickets," the S.E.C. said.

At least Mr. Tyson didn't take this all for himself. Regulators said his wife, their three daughters and three people with whom Mr. Tyson had "close personal relationships" were also along for the ride.

Tyson shareholders also paid $464,132 for the personal use by Mr. Tyson, his family and pals of company-owned homes in England and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Shareholders paid $426,086 for these people to use company-owned aircraft, even on trips when Mr. Tyson was not on board. Also covered was $203,675 in housekeeping provided at five homes and $84,000 in lawn maintenance at the properties. More than $36,000 was spent on phone bills.

Wait, there's more: the company even paid $1.1 million to cover Mr. Tyson's income tax bills generated by his receipt of these perks.

This, by the way, is a man who made a total of $3.1 million in salary and $1.4 million in bonuses from 1997 to 2001, when he retired. (He stayed on as a director.) In 2001, Mr. Tyson held 103 million shares of Tyson Class B stock, which has supervoting rights.

It's not as if he couldn't afford to pay his phone bill.

Let it be noted for the record that however much Donald Tyson may have chosen to pursue "THINGS" in order to fill a spiritual emptiness that he should have filled instead with God's love, God has not chosen to kill him.

(Iowa Voice link via Norwegianity.)

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