Monday, June 06, 2005

Crime falls in New York for 11th straight year

Overall, crime dropped statewide in 2004 by 3.6 percent, continuing a downward trend in New York that started 11 years ago. That's according to preliminary figures from an FBI survey of the nation's police departments.

The decline was helped by New York's 5.9 percent statewide drop in violent offenses, outpacing the national drop of only 1.7 percent.

While the number of murders outside New York City last year stayed at 319, slayings in the city dropped by 27 to 570....


Wow! I guess Rudy Giuliani is such a miracle worker that he's still lowering crime in New York City nearly four years after leaving office! And I guess increased gun ownership and concealed-carry laws strike fear into criminals even in states that don't have them! [ / Republican logic]

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