Monday, June 13, 2005

A commenter at firedoglake led me to this, and I'm speechless.

It's a post about Linda and Gerald Polley, who claim that John Lennon writes songs through them from the afterlife -- poky, rinky-dink songs such as "We Love You Michael" (proclaiming Michael Jackson's innocence -- timely!) and "Hussein's Butt Song" ("We kicked his butt before and we kicked his butt again / We got him in the heinie, he knew he could not win" -- yeah, that sounds just like John Lennon's lyric style). Download them immediately from that second link above and feel your head explode.

(Links to the lyrics of many more alleged Lennon songs are here, including political songs such as "Vote Republican!" What? You find this implausible? You don't trust these people?)

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