Monday, June 06, 2005

A different take on the discovery of that bunker complex in Iraq, from a Knight-Ridder article published over the weekend:

...The well-equipped, air-conditioned bunkers, found Thursday, were just 16 miles from the city of Fallujah where hundreds of Marines are stationed....

After retaking Fallujah from insurgents last November, Marine officials called the town the safest place in Iraq....

... an Islamic mufti, or spiritual leader, living near Fallujah ... said the bunkers were proof that the insurgency is unbowed.

"This shows the failure of the Marines. It was close to their base and they could not see it," said the mufti, who formerly sat on the council that directed insurgents in Fallujah. He spoke by phone Saturday evening on the condition of anonymity. "The Americans think they know everything. But when they came to Iraq they thought the people would receive them with flowers. Instead of flowers they found these bunkers."

Haitham al-Dulaimi, who works at a garage in Ramadi, had a similar reaction.

"Are you sure they found it near Fallujah?" he asked, laughing. "It shows you how much the Iraqi resistance has insulted the Americans." ...

These guys have a point.

(Link via Rational Enquirer.)

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