Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I heard the Terri Schiavo news on the radio a couple of hours ago. I don't really have time right now to talk about it in any detail -- what I want to say is that when I learned last night that the results would be made public today, I found myself wondering who worked the timing out with the state of Florida -- CNN, as a way of making sure Nancy Grace could segue from Michael Jackson to Schiavo without any overlap? Then I read this in The New York Times this morning, tacked on at the end of an article about Michael Jackson:

The three-and-a-half-month trial of Michael Jackson came to a highly rated close on Monday afternoon.... When the not-guilty verdicts were announced, Fox News took first place in the coverage, with 4.8 million viewers. CNN was No. 2, with an audience of 3.53 million....

So what do you think? You think it was Fox that persuaded Jeb to keep the autopsy under wraps until after the Jacko verdict?

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