Tuesday, June 14, 2005

HINESBURG, Vt. -- The Crusaders of Champlain Valley Union High are now history.

The School Board in the Vermont community is selecting a new nickname and mascot for the school.

The Islamic world has criticized the Crusades.

And closer to home, some people object to a knight bearing a crucifix as the symbol for a public school.

The image makeover will be implemented in time for the next school year.

Redhawks, Bobcats and Red Wolves are all in the running for Union High's new nickname.


Seems reasonable to me.

But gosh, I sure hope the folks at Free Republic are taking it well....



The school mascot can run around the field in a robe while swinging a bloody head in one hand, and a bloody knife in the other, while screaming the Muslim murder scream "ALLAHU AKBAR!!"


If the Mahommedans stayed home, in their desert, there would had no been any Crusades.

If the Islamists stayed home, in their own countries, the school would not have to change its nickname.


Changed to the "Towel Head Killers"


They hate the West. Why are they here ?


Bible Shredders?
Holy Hi-Jackers?
Seven Day Diapers?
Total Towel Heads?
Camel Jockeys?
Bitchin' Beheaders?
Death to Americans?
Downing Street Memo's?
Saint Hillaries? (Sorry, that one slipped in)
Capitalism Crushers?
Freedom Fryers?
Flag Desecraters?

Just a few...


They are here for the same reason they are in every other country; to subjugate or execute all infidels. Islam is a religion of slavery and violence if we as Americans will not embrace this basic fact their victory is assured!


Their new mascot should be called 'the appeasers', symbolized by a kneeling figure.

EVERY TIME people kowtow to the islames/mooslimes, they give 'em a little MORE rope to hang us with. Or maybe adding another cut, towards our death as a free country.


Oh yes, we dont want to offend any of those peace-loving arabs who just want to fly airplanes into buildings and kill us all! Save us from politically correct wimps who will sell our country out and hand us to the savages.


They will have to make a new logo:

Rather than a Knight, maybe a shifty-eyed, swarthy Bedouin with words below saying, "DUPLICITY, STATISM, BACKWARDNESS" versus what is currently listed.


BS! Why cater to these crazy islamics? How about changing the name to 911 instead? Send them back to whatever country they came from. Then they can protest all they want.


Champlain Valley Decapitators


How about the Champlain Valley Union High Terrorists?


Slowly, we turn, step by step, and inch by inch.

Onward, Jihadi Soldiers, LOL!

The Muslims certainly have America's number down pat.

I doubt even a French team would succumb to this coercion.


These people need to be destroyed. Exterminated. Anhillated. De-Briefed. or, brought into thr fold of Conservatism.


I object to Muslims flying planes into buildings full of civilians and cutting people's heads off.

When the Muslims as a whole apologize for that, then I'll be worried about their 'feelings' over something that occurred hundreds of years ago.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with Crusaders. The only people with a legitimate gripe about them are Jewish and they haven't had any problems with this for decades.

Crusaders fought to drive back the Islamic menace threatening the western world and Europe in the Middle Ages. The very same menace threatening THEM and US once again.

We could use several million new crusaders in our war with Islamofascism.

This is typical of the kind of drivel one would expect out of a bastion of liberalism like Vermont.


Whew! Thank goodness they're being reasonable, not like those crazy liberals who are always running around shouting HATE! HATE! HATE!

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