Friday, March 04, 2005

Wow, is this for real? From Naharnet News in Lebanon:

The Pentagon is now convinced that air strikes on Syria have become necessary to overthrow the Assad regime, liberate Lebanon and stop support of insurgents waging a guerrilla war against American forces in Iraq as well as Palestinian militants against Israel, the U.S.-sponsored Al Hurra TV network says....

"Diplomacy as a means to deal with countries supporting terrorism is over and out. The situation is now open to all eventualities as far as Syria is concerned," the sources were quoted as saying by the Arabic-language Al Hurra.

"Resolving problems with Syria now requires changing the Syrian regime or mounting air attacks similar to those staged against Afghanistan and Sudan in August 1998 to wipe out terrorist centers once and for all," the U.S. intelligence sources were quoted as saying....

Al-Bawaba confirms this.

Al-Hurra, the TV network that broadcast this report, is the U.S.-based, U.S. government-funded network set up about a year ago by the Bush administration to counteract Al-Jazeera and its competitors.

Just a threat? Or the next war?

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