Saturday, March 12, 2005


That's not what this story says, but that's what it really says:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday pointedly declined to rule out running for president in 2008, and gave her most detailed explanation of a "mildly pro-choice" stance on abortion.

In an interview with editors and reporters in the office of the editor in chief at The Washington Times, she said she would not want the government "forcing its views" on abortion....

Miss Rice said abortion should be "as rare a circumstance as possible," although without excessive government intervention. "We should not have the federal government in a position where it is forcing its views on one side or the other...."...

Describing pro-lifers as "the other side" is one of the ways Miss Rice articulates her position as a "mildly pro-choice" Republican. She explained that she is "in effect kind of libertarian on this issue," adding: "I have been concerned about a government role....

Not an anti-abortion zealot? That's it. She won't be on the GOP ticket -- not the presidential candidate, not the vice presidential candidate. Not unless she has a road-to-Damascus conversion on abortion in the next two and a half years.

And that means Dick Morris is dead wrong, as usual. Why does anyone pay attention to him?


(For some reason, that last sentence got garbled when I tried to link the original Dick Morris article from NewsMax. Don't know why.)

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