Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Congratulations, Schiavo crazies -- you are now to the right of the New York Post:

The time has come to let Terri Schiavo die with dignity - and in peace.

The battle over her fate was mostly a noble one, and always a heart-rending one, but it has turned into a circus.

Nothing anyone can do will alter the outcome now. The arrests will make no difference; yesterday's high-profile arrival of the Rev. Jesse Jackson's stretch limousine will change nothing; Randall Terry's publicity-mongering is pointless....

...Congress, to its discredit, added endgame drama to the debate. So did President Bush; it was not his finest hour.

It was always the courts -- state and federal -- that should have had the final word in this dramatic tragedy.

And the courts have spoken -- in Florida and at the federal level -- on the merits of the case, and on the law....

There are 71 patients at Woodside Hospice, including Terri Schiavo. And there are countless thousands around the country making painfully difficult life-and-death decisions.

all deserve peace in their final hours — they all deserve respect....

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