Thursday, March 03, 2005

It should be obvious to anyone who's checked in since I posted my farewell notice on Sunday that I haven't exactly cleaned out my desk and turned in my company ID. There are a couple of reasons for that: (1) I miss doing this, and (2) a lot of you wrote posts and e-mails that made me think I was doing something good here. Those messages meant a lot to me. So, yeah, I'm back.

I probably won't be posting quite as often as before (I think I was trying too hard to keep up with the Big Boys), and it's possible I'll succumb again to burnout, or maybe just want to give up the solo space and join a group blog, but for now I'll be here again. I should add that posting could be really sporadic in the immediate future -- not because I'm reading so much, but because work is piling up. But I want to do this again. Thanks for helping me out.

And just to clarify my last post: When John Emerson talked about his readership, I took it to mean, "I wish my voice could reach further and also be heard by some powerful ears," not "I don't like my current readers." If I'm interpreting that correctly, I share his frustration. In any case, I like my readers a lot.

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