Monday, March 21, 2005

So the federal judge hearing the Schiavo case is a Clinton appointee.

That's good. It may mean he'll make a sensible decision.

But this is a win either way for DeLay and his thugs. If the judge forces the feeding tube back in, that's a big win -- but if he doesn't, that gives the thugs a chance (as I've said) to point to this case forever as an example of "judicial tyranny." This will be another Waco for the far right -- and now the thugs can also blame it on an "out-of-control" federal judiciary (which segues nicely into the crusade to lard the federal courts with right-wing extremists).


UPDATE: Yeah, I've seen the ABC poll showing massive opposition to congressional intervention. I worry that it may not matter. This reminds me of Elian -- the Republicans were on the wrong side of public opinion, but come Election Day the only voters who remembered were voters in Florida wanting to punish the Clinton administration. The next election cycle is off-year. Who'll vote? Motivated voters. If the past is any indication, there'll be a lot more people voting in '06 to get back at "activist" Judge Greer than to get back at Tom DeLay. And the same goes for the mobilization of public opinion in any future battle over judicial nominees.

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