Thursday, January 13, 2005

Stanley Kurtz of National Review reads this BusinessWeek story on The New York Times and plucks a theory about the Times's decline in local circulation (which is more than offset by national gains) out of his own kiester:

The Times gained a lot of subscribers when it went national, but it also lost a huge number of subscribers in New York City.... Business Week doesn’t say so, but the rise of more conservative local New York City papers like The New York Sun and The New York Post has probably hurt the Times a lot.

Hmmm -- let's look at the 2004 NYC presidential vote by borough:

Bronx: Kerry 82%, Bush 17%
Brooklyn: Kerry 74%, Bush 25%
Manhattan: Kerry 82%, Bush 17%
Queens: Kerry 71%, Bush 28%
(historically GOP-friendly) Staten Island: Kerry 57%, Bush 42%

Oh yeah -- I'm sure New Yorkers are just flocking to all that right-wing competition.

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