Monday, January 17, 2005


The White House sought on Sunday to reassure conservatives that President Bush would work hard on behalf of a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, backtracking from remarks Mr. Bush made in an interview suggesting that he would not press the Senate to vote on the amendment this year.

--New York Times today

Dr. Diane Mosbacher and Dr. Nanette Kathryn Gartrell were married Thursday at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort, in Victoria, British Columbia. Sharon Russell, a marriage commissioner in the province of British Columbia, officiated.

Dr. Mosbacher (above, left) is 56 and is known as Dee....

Dr. Mosbacher ... is a daughter of Robert Mosbacher of Houston and the late Jane Mosbacher. Dr. Mosbacher's father is the chief executive of Mosbacher Energy Company, an independent oil company in Houston. He was the Secretary of Commerce under President George H. W. Bush from 1989-1992....

Their initial decision to marry came rather suddenly on Feb. 13, 2004, when the couple heard that same-sex couples were being married at City Hall in San Francisco.

"... When the marriages were annulled last summer (their marriage in San Francisco, along with other same-sex marriages, was invalidated by the California State Supreme Court in August) we made a decision that we would get married somewhere, and chose Dee's birthday, so that we would always remember it."

Dr. Mosbacher noted: "The fact is we are together, regardless. And we plan to be together 'till death do us part' or however they say it."

--New York Times yesterday

Congratulations, Dee and Nanette.

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