Sunday, January 09, 2005

From yesterday's New York Times:

"Strange Love" is a documentary about Brigitte Nielsen, the Danish giantess from "Rocky IV" turned dissolute nudist, and Flavor Flav, the wily Ritalin-deprived clock-wearing Public Enemy hype man from the South Bronx....

Flav, who steals the show here, also lets his guard down sometimes, admitting to crippling anxiety. And when he is not able to make Brigitte laugh with his antics, and the cultural gulf between them seems unbridgeable, he can also look like a small, lost old man who has come far from the South Bronx but does not quite know how or why.

Flavor Flav, of course, was born in Roosevelt, Long Island, not the South Bronx; the rap group that made him famous, Public Enemy, was formed by Chuck D on Long Island. But hey, who cares -- all those rap guys look alike, right?

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