Friday, January 28, 2005

In a sign of the political dangers surrounding President Bush's plans for Social Security, a number of congressional Republicans said Thursday that their constituents had received anonymous, automated phone calls accusing the lawmakers of trying to damage the government retirement program by "privatizing" it.

House Republicans said the calls, which they labeled a "tele-scare campaign," had been made in more than a dozen congressional districts from Connecticut to Florida.

An aide to Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite (R-Fla.), whose West Florida district includes more Social Security recipients than any other House district, said more than 200 constituents had called her office to report receiving the calls. A spokesman for Rep. C. W. "Bill" Young (R-Fla.) said his office received about 400 calls Wednesday....

"This plan would cost taxpayers $2 trillion," said the automated calls, according to a transcript provided by the office of Rep. Clay E. Shaw Jr. (R-Fla.). "It would also decrease future benefits to retirees by 47%…. Tell Congressman Shaw that we want real Social Security reform, not a risky Wall Street gamble. Call him."

The caller then provided a toll-free number to reach the U.S. Capitol switchboard....

--L.A. Times

What??? Are some people on the Democratic side actually learning how to fight? Doesn't that violate the fundamental laws of the universe?

(Link via Taegan Goddard.)

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