Monday, January 31, 2005

As Alan Keyes would put it, there's going to be a surprising amount of "selfish hedonism" at the bookstore soon, courtesy of a couple of Republican daughters:

Patti Davis's New Literary Frontier: A Lesbian Novel.

Will Patti Davis's rebellious phase ever end? She's married her yoga instructor, copped to getting high, lived with a member of the Eagles, and posed for Playboy. But Ronald Reagan's daughter still isn't done challenging family values. Sources report that the author of a novel about Nicaragua and two memoirs about her family has begun working on a novel about straight women who have a lesbian affair. A Knopf spokesman confirmed she’s at work on a novel but said, "We do not as a rule characterize the story lines of works in progress."

--New York magazine

Mary Cheney, the daughter of Lynne and Vice President Dick Cheney is shopping a book — her first — about her life and times on the campaign trial, tentatively called, "Travels with My Father."

Mary Cheney's lesbian lifestyle emerged as a point of controversy when it was referred to in the debates by Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards and presidential nominee John Kerry.

The proposal is just beginning to go out to publishers. She is being represented by attorney Robert Barnett.

--New York Post

Must be SpongeBob's fault!

(Via Publishers Lunch.)

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