Friday, February 21, 2003

This is ominous:

Turkey is seeking to impose a blackout on reporting events in northern Iraq by banning journalists from crossing the border between the two states, Turkish journalists charged Friday....

Western analysts said the Turkish ban sought to achieve two goals. One was to deny the Iraqi Kurds favorable reporting in the world media....

The other reason, the analysts say, is to prevent the media from observing whatever actions the Turkish military may take in the region....


Is our bribe money going toward the protection of Turkey? Or is going to pay for whatever the Turks do to the Kurds?

Turkey is looking to send thousands of its own soldiers into northern Iraq if there is a war. Turkish officials say this will guarantee stability. Iraqi Kurds fear that the Turks are looking to crack down on Kurdish nationalism that is strong in the autonomous Kurdish areas of northern Iraq.

Turks are also insisting that Iraqi Kurdish groups in northern Iraq are disarmed after a war under Turkish supervision, the daily Hurriyet reported.

--The Guardian

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