Thursday, February 27, 2003

More know-nothingism from MSNBC's newest hire, Michael Savage.

And did I ever link this sampling of his hate-spew?

Yes, by all means join GLAAD's e-mail campaign.

While I'm talking about Savage again, I want to comment on this passage from his book, quoted in the first link above:

You can have sex in public.

You can masturbate in public.

You can cross-dress in public. You can rub against a sheep in public.

But you can't pray in public.

This is utter bullshit. Look, I live and work in Manhattan. Ever see the guy who paces the streets just south of Columbus Circle, chanting "Je - sus! Je -sus! Love God! Love God! Hallelujah!"? It's cold now, so he's moved to the subway -- but nobody stops him. For decades nobody's stopped the preachers waving their Bibles and shouting the praises of the Lord in Times Square -- preachers who are still there, even though the peep shows and grindhouses have all been moved out of the Square and off the Deuce.

You can pray on a public street. You just can't pray under the public's aegis, with government sponsorship. (Of course, you actually can -- the ACLU just might try to stop you, and a judge who understands the Constitution might agree.)

The cops actually would stop you in Manhattan if you were having sex or masturbating, or rubbing up against a farm animal.

Savage is right about one thing, though -- They'll let cross-dressing slide.

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