Monday, February 24, 2003

Saddam Challenges Bush To Debate

In an exclusive interview with CBS News Anchor Dan Rather, Saddam Hussein has challenged President George W. Bush to a live, international television and radio debate about the looming war.

Saddam envisions it as being along the lines of U.S. presidential campaign debates....

I am so, so sorry that this will never happen. Talk about your Theater of the Absurd....

And maybe if it happened we could just lock the two idiots in the auditorium, the way Dabney Coleman is locked in the closet in 9 to 5, and take advantage of their absence to sort out the various messes the two of them have made. "Hey, what should we do with these nerve-gas canisters?" "Just put 'em in the burn bag on top of the paperwork for Bush's 2003 budget."

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