Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Great -- now Colin Powell thinks international diplomacy is third-grade recess. Don't agree with him? You're a fraidy-cat:

PARIS - Secretary of State Colin Powell on Wednesday said countries like France that oppose swift military action against Iraq are afraid of upholding their responsibility to disarm Baghdad by force.

Powell's comments, in an interview broadcast on France-Inter radio and translated into French, were clearly directed at French President Jacques Chirac, who believes that U.N. weapons inspectors should be given more time and muscle to complete their job.

"It is not a satisfactory solution to continue inspections indefinitely because certain countries are afraid of upholding their responsibility to impose the will of the international community," Powell said....

Screw it -- let's just fire Kofi Annan, make Vince McMahon the UN secretary-general, and let these overgrown boys trash-talk to their hearts' content. Meanwhile, let's find some grown-ups to actually run the world.

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