Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Schroeder: U.S., British forces free to operate in Germany even without U.N. backing

BERLIN - Germany will allow U.S. and British forces full use of their German bases in case of war with Iraq even if it is not backed by the U.N. Security Council, Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder signaled in remarks published Wednesday.

Despite his steadfast refusal to support war, Schroeder made a broad pledge last year to ensure unhindered use of military bases and overflights for the United States and other allies.

Asked by Stern magazine whether that also applies to a war without U.N. mandate, Schroeder said: "This is not about legal pettiness, but about a political decision. I have always declared that we will not limit our allies' freedom of movement."

"That applies to the United States as well as Britain," he said in an interview in the weekly's latest edition.

I just thought I'd post this. It doesn't fit into the evil-pacifist-Euro-scum master narrative, so it probably won't make your eleven o'clock news.

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