Tuesday, October 05, 2021


The head of a police union in New York City is an FBI target:
Federal investigators raided the headquarters of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, as well as a Long Island home that appears to belong to the union's president, Ed Mullins, officials confirmed.

The FBI descended on the Lower Manhattan office of the NYPD union as part of an "ongoing investigation," according to an agency spokesperson.

A private home in Port Washington, Nassau County was also searched as part of the probe. The location of the raid, provided by the FBI, matches a listed address for Mullins, the controversial head of the 13,000-person sergeants union.
What's going on?
The nature of the investigation remains unclear. Sources told NY1 that federal prosecutors are looking into a "possible mismanagement of funds"....
The New York Post says the raids are "part of a probe into potential mail and wire fraud."

But nearly every story on the raids recounts Mullins's obnoxious rhetoric as union head, because that's the most noteworthy thing about him. AP reports:
Last year, Mullins came under fire for tweets calling the city’s former Health Commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, a “b——” and U.S. Rep. Ritchie Torres [then a member of the city council] a “first-class whore.”

Mullins was upset over reports Barbot refused to give face masks to police in the early days of the pandemic and angry with Torres’ calls for an investigation into a potential police work slowdown in September 2020.

Torres, who is gay, denounced Mullins’ tweet as homophobic....
The New York Times tells us that Mullin:
also came under fire from liberal lawmakers after giving an interview to Fox News surrounded by paraphernalia linked to QAnon....
And Fox News notes the attacks on Barbot and Torres and the release of Chiara de Blasio's arrest record, along with this:
Mullen ... has been a frequent, vocal critic of De Blasio's administration and penned a piece for MailOnline over the summer as the mayor's term nears its end.

"Since first taking office in 2014, de Blasio’s incendiary anti-police rhetoric has already resulted in three police officers being executed while sitting in police vehicles, Molotov cocktails being lobbed at officers and into police vehicles, armed assaults on police facilities, cops being pelted with debris, and wholesale damage to police and public property," Mullen wrote at the time....
So commenters at Fox believe that the raids happened because of the things Mullins has said (and because he endorsed Donald Trump in 2020). A few sample comments:
The FBI has become yet another iron fist for the Democrats. They can investigate anyone for any reason. Welcome to the communist states of America.


FBI raids should involve more than bad language on Twitter or nasty remarks about a politician. But with today’s FBI/DOJ, that’s not the case.


Most of their agents are probably just as brainwashed and indoctrinated.

Think about it, they recruit from colleges, and we have seen that the college have become a hotbed of turning out radical leftists. It's just like what was outlined by the Frankfurt School of thought, Antonio Gramsci, etc.

Infiltrate their education systems, centers if culture and turn the people into pawns to spread the message and further the agenda. Generations have passed since this plan went into action, and now we see the pawns in positions of power... completely oblivious to the fact they have been used to further the communist agenda.


This is kind of a “big brother” moment. The Biden borg administration is prompting spying on the public and using all the government alphabet agencies to crack the whip on anyone not accepting their totalitarian rule. This is not a free country anymore. Exactly what were the idiots voting for this thinking? Are we sure Biden is not a Nazi war criminal in hiding?


Seems like the FBI is the Democrats new KGB.


My trust in the DOJ/FBI in the late 70s was 85-90% Now it is 15-20% I would never speak to a Federal Agent except to identify myself and request an attorney. I am pro-police but I don't know if the 'Agents' qualify as Police anymore.


Agree. I would NEVER talk to or even call the FBI. I trust the FBI like the Jews trusted the Gestapo! The liberal Democrats and CHINA JOE'S pick for leadership has made the 2 almost interchangeable! I would want a lawyer and OTHER LE present at all times!


Were the FBI agents wearing jackboots?🤢


Wait a second, the FBI raided this man’s home for the “crime” of offensive rhetoric? So the Feds are not even pretending that speech, even offensive speech is protected by the 1st amendment?


FBI once again being used in a political fashion.

It is time to consider defunding them or at very least, cleaning house.

Can't wait for GOP to take control again.
This is what your right-wing relatives believe. It's what millions of Americans believe. It's likely that this is a case of ordinary corruption, but they think Mullins is being targeted for thoughtcrime. And no facts that emerge in the future will make them believe otherwise.

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