Sunday, October 24, 2021


Tweet from The Washington Examiner's Byron York this morning:

Here are York's examples of the massive reach of anti-Trump vulgarity:

Okay, De Niro and Eminem are pretty famous, but York's other examples are ... gallery artists in L.A. and a homeless rapper?

Meanwhile, merchandise with the slogan "Let's Go Brandon" -- a euphemism for "Fuck You, Biden" -- is being sold by the once and possibly future president of the United States.

When chants of "Fuck You, Biden" -- probably the real version, not the suitable-for-airplay version -- break out at every Trump campaign stop in 2023 and 2024, as well as during his nomination acceptance speech at the convention (and, if he wins, at his inaugural), I'm sure York will bothsides this by reaching deep into the past to find far-flung examples of liberal/lefty vulgarity. (What about the "Fish cheer" at Woodstock? What about when the Yippies ran a pig for president?) He'll still be saying Trump and his fan base "have to go a long way to match" the libs. Because bad things are always either everybody's fault or our fault alone.

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