Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Publishers Lunch reports:
Conservative news outlet The Daily Wire announced Wednesday that it will launch a publishing imprint, DW Books, set to start publishing in spring 2022.... DW Books says it will publish the book by Jonathan Mattingly, a police officer who shot Breonna Taylor. Post Hill Press originally signed Mattingly, and they parted ways after Simon & Schuster declined to distribute the title.
When Mattingly parted ways with Post Hill Press after Simon & Schuster dropped his book, he wrote this in an American Thinker post:
I am not the first person to be canceled by the publishing industry for going against the "woke" narrative. Earlier this year, Simon & Schuster canceled a book from Senator Josh Hawley....

Whether you're a United States senator or a cop from Louisville, the left doesn't want your story to be told if you stand in its way. Leftists want you to leave them alone as they divide America with their falsehoods.

I, for one, won't sit by idly and let that happen. I plan to tell the truth, no matter the cost.
The "cost" for Mattingly is that he's now being published by the book imprint of Facebook's favorite right-wing site, which all but guarantees the book massive exposure on social media, in addition to the inevitable bulk buys that are certain to propel it onto the bestseller list.

True "cancel culture" would be "We, the authorities, won't allow anyone to publish or read this book." In reality, if a moral degenerate like Ben Shapiro wants to publish it, that's his right as an American. But it's not cancel culture if decent people want no part of it.

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