Thursday, October 28, 2021


Yesterday I learned from Yastreblyansky that Peter Hochstein passed away in April. Until shortly before his death, he blogged wittily and grumpily as the New York Crank, and he brought his smarts and disgruntlement here as a regular guest blogger. (He also commented as Etaoin Shrdlu, an allusion to the lost age of Linotype typesetting.) Peter wrote for the pre-Murdoch New York Post and worked for many years in advertising; he published several books under his own name and was the ghostwriter or pseudonymous authors of many others. I'm sorry I've never read his memoir (Heiress Strangled in Molten Chocolate at Nazi Sex Orgy! -- and I'm sorry we won't have him around as everything deteriorates further.

More from Yastreblyansky, and a moving sendoff from Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast, who knew Peter in his later years. We'll miss you, Crank.

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