Monday, April 20, 2020


Every day, the Republican right presents us with a new set of outrages. Today, for instance, there's this menace to society:

Among the states, Georgia has the 12th-highest number of total COVID-19 cases and the 11th-highest death toll, according to Worldometer. Today it ranked #8 in new cases.

And there's news about these professional disinformers:
Right-wing commentators Diamond and Silk, who host a Fox News program and are surrogates for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, have been pushing a conspiracy theory that 5G towers are fueling coronavirus infections.

... Diamond and Silk pushed the conspiracy theory in an April 10 online live stream which aired on their personal [YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook] social media accounts. Diamond said she was concerned that “these 5G towers are going up, and if they’re in certain places, the frequency of that can really throw your body off“ to which Silk replied, “Your genetics, yup.” Diamond later said that it “can also cause for your genetic material to test for COVID-19. Now, I don’t know how true that is, but I believe somebody should look into it.”
And then there's this professional liar:

The death toll is, in fact, probably an undercount, given the large numbers of home deaths in several U.S. cities, a probably also seen in Britain.

There are passionately outraged politicians on the American left. Progressives such as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and the Squad denounce economic and social injustice, and fight for comprehensive changes to the way our society is run.

And there are many politicians who are outraged by the daily abuses of President Trump.

But still -- still -- there is no prominent politician in America who routinely says: The Republican right is an ongoing threat to the well-being of this country, and therefore we must vote out as many Republicans as possible and shame the liars of the Republican noise machine.

The awfulness of the Republican wing of American politics is not the focus of anyone in politics at the national level, when it should be the focus of everyone in (or affiliated with) the Democratic Party. The most important issue in America now, and for the past several decades, has been the damage being done to America by conservative polices and conservative propaganda.

And now those policies and that propaganda are literally killing Americans in real time -- and still no politician in America specifically declares Republicanism to be our most serious problem, or even a problem at all. This or that Republican politician might be denounced (Donald Trump now, George W. Bush a dozen years ago), but not the entire edifice.

That needs to change. We literally can't live with Republicanism run rampant in America anymore.

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