Tuesday, April 28, 2020


In this clip from yesterday, what the hell was President Trump saying?

I've said many times that I don't believe the president is experiencing a significant mental deterioration -- he's just stupid and incurious, and his mental sharpness isn't improved by hours and hours of cable news chatter every day. But I agree with those who say that Trump is using prescription drugs, probably to prevent him from having hyperactivity moments like this:

In the first Trump tweet above, he seems as if he's saying, "I love everybody," like a sentimental drunk, or someone on molly or mushrooms who's having increased feelings of emotional connection.

But is Trump capable of that? I don't buy it. Trump loves only himself.

He's saying, "Hello, everybody." When you watch it in context, you see that he's talking to assembled CEOs. He's not muttering to himself (though he does seem to be slurring his words). The moment is about twenty seconds in.

It would be fascinating if Trump's drug regimen brought out a tender little boy, one who's capable of love for humanity. But I don't think that little Trump with human feelings ever existed.

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