Monday, April 27, 2020


Whenever there's a COVID-19 vaccine, some right-wingers seriously intend to make it another battle in the culture war.

I'm posting this even though I agree with the following response (I'm omitting the name of the tweeter, who keeps his account private):

She probably will get the vaccine, as, I suspect, will Trump surrogates Diamond and Silk, even though they insist they won't accept any vaccine linked to Bill Gates. I imagine professional grifter Shiva Ayyadurai, who ran a stunt campaign for Elizabeth Warren's Senate seat ("Only a real Indian can defeat the fake Indian") and is now a vaccine truther, might surreptitiously get one. Maybe even right-wing preacher Curt Gentry will get one, even though he says that the still-nonexistent vaccine is "from the pit of hell."

But they're undoubtedly helping to persuade a number of people not to get it, or reinforcing some people's preexisting suspicions -- folks like this person:

Why does this have to be part of the culture war? It isn't a case of "both sides have retreated into their opposing camps," unless you consider it a partisan stance to want to get a vaccine in order not to die or kill someone. There are sensible people on one side and conspiracy-addled menaces to society on the other. We have to hope there aren't enough of the latter to be dangerous.

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