Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Belatedly, President Trump (and Stephen Miller) decide that they shouldn't let a crisis go to waste.
President Trump announced in a tweet late Monday night that he plans to suspend immigration to the United States, a move he said is needed to safeguard American jobs and defend the country from coronavirus pandemic, which he called “the Invisible Enemy.”

“In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States!,” the president wrote, announcing the plan at 10:06 p.m.
And if that wasn't enough shock doctrine for you....
Senior White House and Trump administration officials are planning to launch a sweeping effort in the coming days to repeal or suspend federal regulations affecting businesses, with the expected executive action seen by advisers as a way to boost an economy facing its worst shock in generations, two people familiar with the internal planning said.

The White House-driven initiative is expected to center on suspending federal regulations for small businesses and expanding an existing administration program that requires agencies to revoke two regulations for every new one they issue, the two people said.

While the plan remains in flux, changes could affect environmental policy, labor policy, workplace safety and health care, among other areas.

The White House is also likely to seek to make permanent some temporary regulations issued by agencies over the past few weeks to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.
I assume everything described in these two stories that isn't blocked in the courts will be permanent, or at least it will all remain in force as long as Trump is president. I say that knowing that we'll probably have effective treatments for COVID-19, and eventually a vaccine, well before the end of Trump's second term, if (God help us) he's reelected.

If he wins again, why would he reverse any of this? Why would he allow himself to seem "weak"? Maybe industries that rely on legal guestworkers will put pressure on him to resume immigration -- but it's easier to imagine him feeling triumphant after an electoral win (whether or not he's lost the popular vote again), and he'll still crave the adulation of his insane base, so he'll probably just keep the immigration ban in place. And because the regulatory suspensions get his fellow Republicans (and their beloved plutocrats) that much closer to their Utopia, they're all likely to be made permanent.

I don't know why Trump isn't trying to throw a suspension of all abortions into the mix, or nationwide concealed carry of firearms without a permit, but I bet those will be coming.

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