Monday, April 27, 2020


In my blog email account, I've been getting messages from a group called Liberate America.

(A public version of that message is here.)

Note the name in the last paragraph: Frank Scurlock. I've subsequently received emails from him on another subject.

What sort of man is Frank Scurlock, this great believer in freedom from public health measures and great admirer of Mr. and Mrs. Trump?

He's the son of John Scurlock, an engineer who invented the bouncy castle, and whose wife, Frances, founded the first bouncy castle rental company. Son Frank expanded the business and made a great deal of money.

But that's not all he's known for, at least in New Orleans.
New Orleans mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock is facing a misdemeanor count of lewd conduct in Santa Monica, California, where he is accused of masturbating in an Uber vehicle in February.

Scurlock, whose splashy campaign ads have pledged to “Uberize” the New Orleans Police Department, was allegedly caught masturbating by a driver taking him to a hotel in West Hollywood on Feb. 10, Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Attorney Terry White said.
Scurlock, needless to say, lost the mayor's race.
New Orleans mayoral candidate Frank Scurlock, the eccentric entrepreneur who helped amass a family fortune estimated to be worth more than $100 million, did not win yesterday’s primary election. He wasn’t even close. But Frank Scurlock still managed to make Louisiana history, spending a grand total of $345,206.33, almost entirely money he lent his campaign, and garnering an abysmal 385 votes (0.47%).

Put another way, Scurlock spent an astronomical $920 per voter, shattering the previous record of $196 per voter set by John Georges during his 2010 campaign for New Orleans mayor.
Scurlock subsequently acknowledged guilt in the Uber masturbation case.
Santa Monica prosecutor Autumn Rindels said in an email that Scurlock entered the plea to a charge known as lewd and dissolute conduct in public. He was ordered to serve one year of summary probation and "ordered to follow all mental health directives, including mental health counseling and taking all prescribed medication," Rindels said in an email.
Well, I guess it's good that he found something new to try his hand at.

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