Monday, February 25, 2019


Or esteemed president, maintaining his usual high standards of decorum:

My response:

A response to my tweet:

That's probably true -- yet if he'd actually done that, don't you think he'd have gotten away with it? Don't you think there'd be a DEFCON-1 mobilization of all conservative opinion-shapers, and every one of them would tell us that an ethnic stereotype was the furthest thing from Trump's mind when he slanted his eyes, even if he accompanied the gesture with nonsense syllables in fake Chinese?

We all know what the response would be. Robert Byrd was in the Klan! Hillary Clinton does black accents when she talks to black audiences! So does Barack Obama! Ralph Northam and Mark Herring wore blackface! Joe Biden said that thing about Indian-Americans back in '08! Liberal Harvard discriminates against Asian-Americans! Ilhan Omar hates Jews!

And why are we forcing modern standards of political correctness on the president? Give him a break! He grew up in a different era! We're censoring him! Why do liberals want to silence everyone they disagree with?

Donald Trump Jr. and hundreds of other right-wingers would retweeted every available fake online meme tying Democrats to racism, starting with that alleged Bill and Hillary Clinton blackface picture that clearly isn't either of them.

Trump's poll numbers would drop a point or two in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Then they'd be right back where they were.

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