Thursday, February 21, 2019


There have been so many big stories this week that you probably missed Roseanne Barr reminding us why we're lucky to be rid of her:
Roseanne Barr took to her YouTube channel to slam Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, calling her a “Farrakhan loving...bug-eyed b---h.”

Barr posted the nearly two-minute video over the weekend on her channel, which has more than 104,000 subscribers. She never mentions the New York congresswoman by name....

“That Green New Deal...Farrakhan-loving b---h. I don’t remember her name. The bug-eyed b----h who looks like a realtor,” Barr says in the video....

“She got them realtor eyes. She got 'em,” the 66-year-old actress adds. “Bug-eyed lyin’ b---h. Farrakhan fan. Israel hater. Lefty. Dumbass, dumb as they get.” ...

“I’m gonna try to correct some of the mistakes she’s made like costing hundreds of people decent-paying jobs ‘cause, I don’t know, they breathe carbon in the air or some horses--t,” Barr says in the video.
For the masochistic, here's the video:

I know of no connection between Ocasio-Cortez and Farrakhan, or any opinion on Farrakhan that Ocasio-Cortez has expressed. The connection in Barr's brain is probably that they've been mentioned together in multiple segments on Fox News, or maybe on Alex Jones's show. Or perhaps Barr thinks all brown-skinned first-year Democratic congresswomen are Muslims -- y'know, they all look alike.

My favorite part of the video is Barr saying, "Socialism is a fake fuckin' con," and then adding, "It's just like capitalism." All systems are phony! Barr is a regular Holden friggin' Caulfield!

(Barr wanted to run for president as a Green in 2012, but lost the nomination to Jill Stein, after which she got in a Twitter fight about trans bathroom rights -- Stein is for them; Barr, to put it mildly, isn't. Barr then ran on the Peace and Freedom line in 2012; her running mate was anti-war activist and Osama bin Laden death truther Cindy Sheehan.)

Gosh, we could have commentary like the video above in the mainstream of our political dialogue, but you damn liberal fascists had to go and screw it up.

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