Thursday, February 28, 2019


Good question. Even when prominent Democrats show up at the one left-wing gathering that's roughly comparable, Netroots Nation, the press is much less interested. What's the appeal of CPAC?

I think the press understands that any person or idea at CPAC, however preposterous or offensive, could go mainstream, or at least mainstream on the right, with the potential to affect, or at least become a nuisance in, the lives of the rest of us, because that's how conservatism works -- it's nearly impossible to be too offensive, too bigoted, or too full of hatred for our side.

There may be some envy at work -- these are insane haters, but damn, they sure know how to go viral. I don't think it's skill. The right is just more inclined to promote people from the fringes, because the mainstream right needs to feed the base's incessant appetite for anger. A lot of people are promoted and sometimes funded, not because there's so much disruptive talent on the right, but because there can never be too much liberal- and Democrat-bashing content.

Maybe there are other reasons, but I think that's the key.

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