Sunday, February 24, 2019


A Twitter friend alerts me to this story:
Donald Trump Jr has hinted he could run for president in 2024.

The incumbent US leader’s eldest son posted an Instagram story showing another user mentioning his name in answer to a question about potential Republican candidates in five years’ time.

Mr Trump made no additional comment indicating his opinion....

Reposting "you should run for president" compliments is hardly proof that Junior will run in the future, though it's something his father did for years before entering the 2016 race. I've believed for a while that Junior will run -- he doesn't have or need a real job (holding up huge fish on Instagram doesn't count), although he's fooled Red America into believing that he's an accomplished corporate executive. His relaxed schedule gives him plenty of time and energy to do the one thing Republican voters want a president to do: attack liberals on a daily basis.

Junior might actually be pursuing this activity with more vigor than his father. Here are just some of the culture war battles he's been fighting on Twitter in only the past few days:

Oh, and he published an op-ed at Real Clear Politics alleging that Instagram is censoring him because he's a conservative.

We know that Republicans like to pick rich men's sons as presidential nominees -- they did so in 1988, 1992, 2000, 2004, 2012, and 2016, and will do it again in 2020. So why not 2024?

I think Junior will especially have the inside track if Dad loses in 2020. Vengeance is a powerful motivator for right-wing voters. They'll probably be somewhat less likely to pick Junior without that to inspire them.

I know a lot of you believe Junior will be in prison soon. I continue to believe that no Trump or Kushner will ever see the inside of a cell -- this is America, where we don't punish the people at the top. But I think GOP voters will be more inclined to vote for Junior if he's recently emerged from what they'll regard as an unfair prison sentence imposed on him by the Deep State. (Hell, he could probably even run from jail and sell himself as a political prisoner.) I don't know where he'll be living or whether he'll even be eligible to vote, though the restoration of his right to vote after a felony conviction could be an unintended consequence of a progressive social justice movement. In any case, the Constitution doesn't expressly say that a president has to be eligible to vote.

Maybe he'll be too lazy to run. Maybe disgust at the Trumps will, at long last, have fully taken root even in red America by 2024.

But if not, he's running.

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