Tuesday, February 05, 2019


Republicans are upset because they apparently screwed up and created too many Ralph Northam scandals, diverting attention from the one they think is most important.

Let's go to The Federalist and feel their pain:
Don’t Let Ralph Northam’s Racism Controversy Obscure Democrats’ Sickening Abortion Policies

Last week’s outrage over Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s statement that babies born alive following a botched abortion could be allowed to die quickly evaporated when a racist photograph from Northam’s medical school yearbook began circulating. Northam quickly apologized for the picture, only to later backtrack, claiming that he was not the man in blackface or hidden beneath a Ku Klux Klan hood, but had darkened his face for a Michael Jackson costume that same year and thus his confusion.

... the uproar over Northam’s past succeeded in diverting attention from media’s focus on the party’s extreme abortion position.
Oh, boo-hoo! Your distortion of Northam's remarks about abortion was supposed to be the big scandal, but nobody except your side cared, especially when it was made clear that he was talking about possibly failing to resuscitate late-term fetuses that were non-viable or had severe deformities -- he wasn't talking about killing random newborns for sport.

But then your side dug up the blackface-and-Klan-robe photo in Northam's medical school yearbook, and Northam is now keeping that story in the headlines by refusing to resign, and your side complicated matters further by digging up another story involving a possible sexual assault by the lieutenant governor who'd take over if Northam does resign. Too confusing! What about the babies!

At Fox Nation, David Limbaugh laments:
"As abhorrent as racism is, we have to focus on what [else] he did, how he advocated for that Virginia infanticide law, celebrating it like [Andrew] Cuomo did in New York by lighting up the World Trade Center in pink," Limbaugh, the younger brother of radio host Rush said.
Feel the frustration at the American Thinker: "Yearbook Outrage, Infanticide Yawn." Also at FrontPage Magazine: "Media More Outraged Over Blackface Photo in Gov Northam Yearbook Than Infanticide."

Conservatism has nothing to offer ordinary Americans except more tax cuts for the rich accompanied by more reductions in wages, benefits, and government social services for the non-rich. Conservatism survives because the machinery of the right is excellent and ginning up Two Minutes' Hates against the enemies of Republican base voters.

But conservatives appear to be too good at this now. In Northam's case, the right has generated an excess number of scandals. The one that jibes with right-wing values didn't really land, then the one that contradicts right-wing values (because it calls on people to be anti-racist) did land. (There's a lesson for conservatives right there -- maybe America just doesn't like the right's values.)

Maybe the right needs to dial down the scandal-mongering a bit. Conservatives seem to be getting in their own way.

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