Wednesday, March 14, 2018


We're regularly told that Democrats are out-of-touch coastal elitists who don't understand the heartland -- but I see that the a GOP strategist has expressed contempt for the Republican candidate who (apparently) lost yesterday's special election in western Pennsylvania:
An anonymous Pennsylvania GOP strategist told The Washington Examiner they had a very specific complaint about [Rick] Saccone: His moustache was disgusting.

It’s a porn stache,” the strategist said.
The strategist is referring to this:

Do you remember the period in Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign when she decided to make an overt play for the white working-class vote? The most memorable moment was a Saturday night in April when she was photographed drinking boilermakers in a bar called Bronko's in Crown Point, Indiana. If you've forgotten, let's take a trip down memory lane. Note the patron in the white shirt.

In Real America, that's not a porn stache -- it's a perfectly respectable workingman's facial accoutrement. That guy's grandfather probably had the same mustache when he came over on the boat after the long journey from Lodz. Only a latte-swilling elitist would mock that mustache! (And I'm guessing that the same is true for Rick Saccone's grandfather, who might have been on the same boat with some of my ancestors.)

In any case, neither of the mustaches above is a porn stache. This is a porn stache:

It's hard to compete with the original, but Geraldo's comes close.

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