Friday, March 30, 2018


Someone needs to explain to conservatives that Godwin's Law does not say it's mandatory to call your opponents Nazis in every political debate. That's what many on the right seem to believe, among them Cheryl Chumley of The Washington Times:
David Hogg would’ve made a good brownshirt

David Hogg, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high-schooler who seems to have set himself up as Laura Ingraham’s arch nemesis, has been making national television rounds of late, pretty much calling for adults to step aside and let the teenagers rule — because hey, who knows better how to run a country than a kid.

And now he’s demanding Ingraham of Fox News denounce her network — her employer — else he’ll keep up his call for advertisers to boycott.

Hogg would’ve made a pretty decent brownshirt back in the pre-World War II day. Those are the National Socialist party people who ran around Germany strong-arming and bullying and intimidating the general populace into accepting the goals of the Nazi organization.
So calling for a boycott means you're a brownshirt, Cheryl?

Well, here's something you wrote in May 2016:
Iowa pastor swears off NFL over Georgia religious liberty veto: 'Begun to throw away my NFL gear already'

Love this ... taking a stand on principle and for Jesus, regardless of how small to the human eye it might seem. No doubt, such goes over big in Heaven.

An Iowa pastor watching with alarm a governor's veto of a religious liberty bill in Georgia – a veto that came in part because of the NFL's thinly veiled threat to remove the state from its list of potentials to host an upcoming Super Bowl – has now fired back with a campaign of his own: He's sworn off one of his favorite fall-time past-times, watching football on television.

And he's hoping his NFL boycott carries weight with his congregation and beyond, and sparks others to do similarly.
And here you are again a couple of weeks earlier:
Franklin Graham on Target's Transgender Bathrooms: We're 'Sex God Created Us to Be – Male or Female'

A petition to boycott Target over its transgender bathroom policy has generated huge interest ...

Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and of the Christian international relief organization Samaritan's Purse, struck back hard on Facebook at Target over its recently implemented transgender policy, saying men who use women's bathrooms is a danger to the most vulnerable in society....

"Target is putting its shareholders – and its customers – at risk! Just since last Wednesday, [hundreds of thousands of] people have signed a pledge to boycott Target over its new bathroom policy that welcomes employees and guests to use the restrooms or fitting rooms that 'corresponds with their gender identity,'" he wrote. "Target certainly has the prerogative to make this decision, but it's proving to be bad for business. I'm glad people are standing up and letting them know this is wrong."

Sign up here ...
Here you are in 2014:
Conservatives launch boycott of Mozilla after gays press CEO to quit

Conservative activist Ben Shapiro is leading up an online charge of fellow political compadres to boycott the browser Firefox — an outraged response to the Mozilla chief’s departure from his CEO role due to gay rights’ protests.

Former CEO Brendan Eich ... announced this week he’s stepping down from the role over a flap generated by a $1,000 donation he made to a California campaign that sought to ban same-sex marriage in the state....

But now conservatives are striking back.

Mr. Shapiro has started a movement — complete with petition — to get as many Internet users as possible to “uninstall or cease using Mozilla,” he wrote on his website,, replacing his traditional news content with simply the call-to-arms, Raw Story reported.
In 2015, after a Subway worker cheered the deaths of two police officers on social media, Chumley reported on calls for a boycott of Subway and never described those calls as Nazi-like or fascistic, even though Subway had already fired the worker.

I've supported some boycotts over the years, but I know that if I back boycotts based on my own political beliefs, I can't categorically condemn the use of boycotts by people I don't like. Conservatives, I guess, don't care about consistency. Their boycotts are righteous. Ours are totalitarian.

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