Monday, March 19, 2018


it's being widely reported that Donald Trump is shaking off the restraints that have prevented him from doing whatever the hell he wants to do as president. We're learning this from, among others, Maggie Haberman of The New York Times.

But Haberman also told us yesterday on Twitter that Trump isn't fully in charge even now.

Credit where it's due: Kristinn Taylor of Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit spotted this, although Taylor is simply appalled at the insinuation he's reporting:
Who’s the boss? According to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, President Donald Trump went golfing on Sunday under orders from White House aides who ‘whisked’ him to a golf course trying to keep him from tweeting and watching TV....

Haberman’s unsourced, unverified report was not reported by the New York Times, but it did the damage intended as it was repeated by several liberal outlets and went viral on Twitter as it confirmed liberal bias of Trump as a child who must have his Twitter taken away by adults.
In other words, the report is accurate.

Here's what Haberman tweeted:

(Note that she doesn't say that this happened "under orders from White House aides." She just says it happened suddenly.)

As Taylor notes, reporters from CNBC and the BBC followed up:

Taylor didn't publish any of these responses to Haberman's original tweet:

Bill Maher once wrote that watching Trump is "like watching a toddler play with a gun." Apparently there are still some people in the White House who are trying to get Trump to put the gun down, at least temporarily.

But distraction is clearly required, and there are only so many things that might distract Trump. What else besides golf? Women? Or maybe more than two scoops? If we read about a new Trump girlfriend, or if he gains more weight, I guess we'll know why. Otherwise, maybe he'll start playing golf on weekdays, too, after some parental nudging.

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