Tuesday, March 13, 2018


An Axios report suggests that President Trump might not be invited to engage in his favorite non-TV, non-golf leisure-time activity this year:
President Trump recently said he plans to eventually spend four to five days [a week] campaigning for Republican candidates ahead of the midterm elections. But the reality is that out of the 23 most vulnerable House Republicans, only two candidates said they would accept Trump's help — and neither were especially eager about it.

... Axios called all 23 Republican congressmen and their campaign representatives in districts that Hillary Clinton won in 2016 ... and asked whether they would want the president to campaign for them in their district.

* 14 didn't respond, four said they didn't want him, one dodged the question, two had "no comment," and two — Reps. Dana Rohrabacher of California and Carlos Curbelo of of Florida — said they'd be happy to have Trump's support.
That's harsh -- but remember, Trump hasn't been asked recently to campaign in places where Hillary Clinton won -- he's been asked to campaign in places (Alabama, Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district) where he won in a blowout.* If recent trends hold, the idea of inviting Trump to light-blue and purple districts won't even be seriously debated -- he'll be welcome only in districts that are very red but surprisingly competitive.

Or maybe he'll be welcome only in places where Republicans are overwhelming favorites. That way he can come in, perfunctorily endorse the GOP candidate, and talk about himself for an hour. After that, everyone can pretend that his appearance secured victory.

Trust me, he'll insist on going somewhere. He enjoys it too much. They'll send him wherever he can do the least damage.

*Yes, I know -- technically, he didn't campaign in Alabama for Roy Moore, but he did make a pseudo-campaign appearance just over the border.

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