Saturday, February 10, 2018


Of course he didn't approve the memo's release. Of course all that talk about "transparency" was a lie.
President Trump on Friday blocked the release of a classified Democratic memo rebutting Republican claims that top federal law enforcement officials had abused their powers in spying on a former Trump campaign aide, a move that Democrats denounced as politically motivated hypocrisy.

... Donald F. McGahn II, the president’s lawyer, said in a letter to the committee on Friday night that the Democratic memo could not be released because it “contains numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages.” He said the president would again consider making the memo public if the committee, which had approved its release on Monday, revised it to “mitigate the risks.”
He won't release it under any circumstances. No rewrites or redactions will change his mind. I don't care that Trump himself has said that a revised memo will be reconsidered (in a tweet that was obviously ghostwritten -- it contains no unnecessary capital letters or quotation marks, and includes the not-all-all-Trumpian word "whereupon").

The memo is being suppressed because every Fox viewer in good standing agrees that Democrats aren't Americans. Nothing that is the work of Democrats is good for America. Everything Democrats do is intended to harm America. These are core elements of the Fox faith.

The argument of Devin Nunes's Republican memo is that nothing Christopher Steele reported could possibly be anything other than a damnable lie because he was being paid by Democrats. The FBI can't weigh the partisan origins of Steele's dossier against his professional experience and previous reliability as an espionage agent -- he sacrificed all claims to credibility when he took money from Democrats. The moment he accepted that first Democratic payment, he became the prince of lies.

Republicans, of course, also want Hillary Clinton investigated for her alleged role in the Uranium One deal, which was sinister according to a book bankrolled by top fundraisers for Breitbart and the Trump campaign. Republicans have no problem with starting a law enforcement investigation based on that book. They don't object to fruit from a partisan tree. They object only to fruit from a Democratic tree. Because Democrats are evil.

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