Wednesday, February 07, 2018


If it disgusts you that the White House defended staff secretary Rob Porter even as it became clear that he abused two ex-wives, if it infuriates you that the Republican National Committee and the Trump inauguration fund haven't returned contributions from serial sexual predator Steve Wynn, and if it maddens you that the president of the United States is a self-acknowledged sexual abuser, let me also remind you that, far from the White House, this guy is still governor:
... Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens ... admitted to [a] 2015 affair on Jan. 10 in a statement where he admitted to being “unfaithful” to his marriage. However, he denied accusations that he had used blackmail to keep the woman quiet about the affair.

The woman’s ex-husband had an audio recording of a conversation between him and his former wife discussing the nature of her relationship with Greitens, who, a year after the affair, went on to be elected governor, according to St. Louis television station KMOV. The recording includes details alleging Greitens took a compromising photo of her while she was wearing a blindfold and said he would share it if she spoke about their relationship.
One of the organizations founded to combat sexual predation is called Time's Up -- but Republicans seem to be building a countermovement that could be called Time's Never Up. The Republican approach to these scandals is simple: Deny everything. Do nothing to acknowledge the outrage. Wait for the news cycle to move on. Repeat ad nauseam. it might have worked in Porter's case if he hadn't decided to step aside. Hell, even after he announced that he wanted to step aside, the White House was defending him.

Many men have been forced to give up positions of power in the past few months because they've been exposed as sexual predators. This is happening because the organizations they work for feel responsive to the public.

The Republican Party doesn't. It's responsive only to its base, and its base doesn't care about this. The rest of us have to hold Republicans to account, because Republican voters won't.

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