Thursday, February 01, 2018


I'm sure I'm not the first person to say this, but the denunciations of federal law enforcement by President Trump and his defneders sound a lot like what Black Lives Matter and its supporters say about systemic corruption in local law enforcement. Of course, the Trumpers believe it's completely unacceptable to criticize your local police department -- if you do that, you hate America and you're inciting riots, even when you're telling the truth. The Trumpers aren't telling the truth, but they reserve the right to say whatever they want about law enforcement at the national level.

Here's a clip of Fox's Lou Dobbs talking to Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch. The clip is being promoted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.

Some excerpts:
FARRELL: Let me boil it down real simple: The FBI is threatening the president of the United States.

DOBBS: How so?

FARRELL: ... They've tried to put him in a corner and say, "Hey, look, we we really don’t want you revealing all the criminality that's going on in the organization....

They try to intimidate in order to cover up for their criminality....

DOBBS: ... The FBI has been a place where truth goes to die, and where -- they're used primarily to cover up. "It's under FBI investigation, we can't answer your questions, we'll never see you again, thank you very much."

FARRELL: And so these political operators are threatening the president of the United States. They're betraying their oath to the Constitution. They are so defensive and so reactive trying to cover up for the big FBI machine, which ... frankly has a long history of all sorts of different flavors of corruption.
If two BLM leaders said this about local cops trying to intimidate a progressive mayor or city council member, most of Fox would be up in arms. The critics wiould be accused of putting targets on cops' backs, even if everything they said was true. Dobbs and Farrell are liars, but this is okay, I guess, according to the right, because corrupt White House officials' lives matter.

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