Friday, October 02, 2015


Jeb Bush, I'm told, put his foot in his mouth:
Jeb Bush invited a firestorm on Friday by saying that “stuff happens” in reference to renewed calls for legislative action after tragedies like the mass shooting in Oregon.

“I had this challenge as governor because we had -- look, stuff happens,” he said at a forum in South Carolina. “There’s always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something, and it’s not necessarily the right thing to do.”

The inelegant phrase immediately set off a wave of criticism from observers suggesting he was playing down the scourge of gun violence and the tragedy on Thursday....
But when I head over to Free Republic to check the response of GOP base voters, I see that most of them agree with him on this, even though they don't like him much. Here are some of the comments:
Watch the video, not the headline. He is absolutely correct.


Yes, I despise Jebby for his betrayal.

BUT I think in this sense, it sounds to me like he’s just saying, don’t come up with idiocy to disarm normal people because this nut went on a jihad against Christians.

He knows Obama, as usual, is milking this for everything he can.


I actually agree with that statement in it’s full context. But you ain’t getting my vote Bush III.


I can’t stand Jeb Bush and I’ll never vote for him under any circumstances, but he’s actually right for once.

There are tons of murders all over no one says anything about. Then a shooting occurs, the media salivates, the liberals yell gun control and some POS gets famous.


Very true. Violence won't "end" or be "stopped." And because of the hysterical reactions of knee-jerk socialists, many will buy even more firearms and ammunition. Before long, because of the efforts against the Second Amendment and declining economy, firearms and ammunition will be everywhere and far cheaper. America, the firearms garden. ;-)

The real answer would be to try to end fatherlessness by ending feminist socialism.


He’s absolutely correct on this. I’m not a Bush fan and I wish he’d just leave the race but he’s right on this. Stuff happens and every time a crazy goes off doesn’t warrant new bureaucracy. Everything that guy in Oregon did was already illegal. He didn’t have a criminal record nor a bad psychological evaluation that indicated he was a threat and honestly the vast majority of guys that fit his profile are not and never become threats to anyone so the idea that some how we can legislate ourselves to safety is crazy especially if we value the very foundational idea of our legal system which is that one is innocent till proven guilty. We do not just declare someone a criminal because they are weird.


Gotta say, yay, Bush.
There you have it. A couple of posters criticize the words or the tone, and more just accuse Jeb of being an incompetent politician, but most think he's absolutely right -- even though it kills them to say it.

I told you in my last post that Donald Trump was in sync with Republican thinking when he said something similar ("what are you going to do?"), and I said Jeb would get backup from right-wingers for this. He's getting it.


Ken_L said...

These guys crack me up. They bellow about the need to put out the fire raging in the Middle East, then next breath admit they can't do anything about gun violence in their own damn country because it's too hard. Brainless windbags, the lot of them.

Grung_e_Gene said...

That's so Bush! - which underlines why conservatives (despite their bs claims to the contrary now) gleefully vote for W(orst) twice.

Aunt Snow said...

"Stuff happens," right? Why doesn't this apply to women choosing to have an abortion?