Wednesday, October 14, 2015


It's been suggested on a number of occasions that Carly Fiorina is really running for vice president. Fiorina bristles at this suggestion and regularly calls it sexist. She did so in May, even though the questioner was a woman, Katie Couric:
Noting her low polling numbers, Couric asked Fiorina if she was actually running for the No. 2 spot on the ticket.

“Oh Katie, would you ask a male candidate that question?” she responded.
She did it again last month, on Laura Ingraham's radio program:
"If I may say, and I don't say this very often -- the people who keeping saying I'm in this for vice president, that's sexist," Fiorina told radio host Laura Ingraham, who raised the idea during the interview. "I am as qualified a candidate as anyone running."

"No one talks about the men being in it to be veep. I'm not in it to be veep," Fiorina continued.
And then she followed up shortly afterward on Sean Hannity's TV show:
HANNITY: You were on my friend Laura Ingraham’s show earlier today, and she asked you a question about people claiming that you’re just in this to run for vice president. You took great offense at that.

FIORINA: Well, you know, it would be different, Sean, if all of the candidates were asked that same question with the same regularity, but they’re not. I’m the person who’s asked that question over and over again. And so one can only conclude that I’m getting asked that question because I’m a woman.
But here's the problem: As I noted in June, and as Matt K. Lewis of the Daily Caller noted last month, there's similar speculation about many male presidential candidates -- Rubio, Jindal, Kasich, Carson....

And now we have this from Vox's Matthew Yglesias, about Martin O'Malley's performance at last night's Democratic debate:
Martin O'Malley looked like he was running for VP

... In his closing statement, O'Malley struck a broad theme of party unity, arguing that in contrast to the GOP debates "nobody on this stage denigrated women, nobody on this stage made racist remarks."

It read, broadly, like a de facto campaign to serve as Clinton's VP....
And this, from David Gergen at
Martin O'Malley got in occasional points (is he auditioning for veep?)....
And this, from New York's Jonathan Chait:
Martin O’Malley seemed to crave consideration as [Hillary Clinton's] vice-presidential nominee.
And this, from John Tures at the Huffington Post:
His debate performance was ... an effective audition for a vice-presidential spot....
And this, from USA Today's On Politics blog:
Martin O’Malley seemed like a guy running for vice president.
And this, from Jackie Salo at International Business Times:
Who Will Be Hillary Clinton's Vice President? Why Martin O'Malley Might Be Running For Second Slot On Clinton's Ticket

And these:

Fiorina's poll numbers began to improve once the Republican debates started, so she hasn't faced this VP question as much lately. But not her numbers are beginning to slip, she might hear running-mate talk again.

Will she still insist that there'd be no such talk if he were a man? Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary?


trnc said...

Fiorina doesn't have much use for "evidence" and "logic", but that's not necessarily because she's lying. I think it's because she's batshit crazy. You can almost see the pinwheels spinning in her eyes.

Ken_L said...

They wouldn't say that about O'Malley if he was a girl.